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A roof is one of the most important parts of a building. It protects the interior from the elements; wind, rain, and, most importantly in Australia, sun. Your roof needs to be a solid barrier between your building and nature, and a roofing failure can lead to thousands of dollars of damage and repair or replacement work. The quality of your roofing system impacts your investment and assets. One way to protect it is with professional roof coatings. Roof paint does not only waterproof, protect from the sun, and prevent deterioration, it also improves the cost and energy efficiency of your building. It is also the least expensive way to improve the looks of the building and increase its value. The roof painting cost is also small compared to the costs of replacing a roof.

The roof type defines the best roof paint

Pitched roofs

These allow for shingles and tiling, meaning water and snow can easily drain and there is less risk of leaks. Tiling also has the benefit of allowing spot fixes, where fixing a leak may be a simple case of fixing the tile. When applying roof tile paint, the aim is to waterproof and provide UV protection for the tiles themselves, extending the life of the actual tiles. A roof tile sealer paint

Flat roofs

These are more common for commercial and industrial buildings. They are the most cost-efficient roof shape because they have a smaller surface area and so needless material. The danger with flat roofs is leaking and water pooling, so the main goal in coating them is to create a waterproof barrier. A roof coating on a flat roof is applied over the pre-existing membrane, usually asphalt or rubber.

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